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In 2012, the ASHIC Palliative and Oncology Care Center was launched at Shyamoli, a facility designed to provide treatment to the unprivileged people who are suffering from cancer. Under the supervision of six specialized and experienced oncologists and trained nurses, the center is focused on early detection of cancer, accurate treatment and prevention for curable cancer, and a second ASHIC palliative care unit for the terminally ill.  This facility is not limited to children only.

Over time the APOC Center has introduced other specialty services to provide comprehensive medical care.  Our services include:

Oncology Department*
1. Pediatrician & Pediatric Oncology
2. Radiation & Medical Oncology
3. Hematology

Other Specialties
1. Internal Medicine
2. Gynecology
3. Endocrinologist (Diabetes, Thyroid, Hormone)
4. Colo-rectal & General Surgeon
5. Hepatic Biliary Pancreatic Surgeon

*Oncology services include:

– A team of trained & experienced consultants for cancer and general patients
– Outdoor patient management
– Cancer counseling, detection and management
– Day care chemotherapy
– 24 hours pathology services
– Ambulatory service for patients

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