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Here are some basic frequently asked questions about ASHIC

Does it cost the families to be a member of ASHIC Foundation?
No. ASHIC is a fully non-profit organization and does not charge any subscription fees to its members.

Are there other payments involved in availing the ASHIC services?
In almost all cases, no. However, a nominal fee is charged for additional family members other than the primary guardian staying at the ASHIC Shelter. The same principle applies to participation at the Annual Outing Programs and the ASHIC PCU i.e. the service is completely free for the patients and their parents. Additional family members are welcome (as long as there are seats available) but they will have to pay their costs (outing) or pay for basic medical services after 3 days of free stay (PCU).

Any charges that are applicable are all calculated at cost. ASHIC makes no profit from any of these charges.

Is ASHIC funded by the government?
No, we started with funding from the Choudhury family and then opened up to community groups, small and large businesses, private foundations and individual donors.

100% of donations are put towards the ASHIC projects. To date, the Choudhury family bears all of the foundation’s head-office operating expenses.

Can anyone contribute to ASHIC?
ASHIC is happy to accommodate the desires of any contributor, be it in cash or in kind. A benefactor can choose to support any one of the ASHIC programs, or contribute towards the general fund so that the money can be used to develop future programs. Volunteers are also always welcome. Donations can be made payable to:

For local donors:
ASHIC Foundation
Account Number: 0014 0320000551
Mutual Trust Bank

ASHIC is a registered NGP (Reg. # 1067) and has NGO Bureau clearance to receive foreign funds. Foreign donors, please make checks payable to:

ASHIC Foundation
Account Number: 01-1248790-01
Standard Chartered Bank