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  • info@ashic.org

How You Can Help

There are many ways that you can help to change the face of Childhood Cancer in Bangladesh.

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Make a Donation

You can choose to donate to specific projects or to the ASHIC General Fund.  All donations go to projects as the overhead for the ASHIC head office is borne by the Choudhury family.

If you are based in the United States, you can make a tax-deductible donation to ASHIC’s Support-a-Life Program, through SpaandanB’s project page here.  SpaandanB has joined ASHIC as an international partner since 2013.

ASHIC Office Volunteer

If you have 2-4 hours a week to spare, and have any or all of: good communication skills, computer-literacy, web page management, have interest in photography, are good at managing administrative details, please contact us at +88 02 861 3594 or at info@ashic.org to become an office volunteer.  Depending on the time and commitment you are able to provide, and for those who want it, ASHIC will be happy to provide a year-end certification for hours of service provided to the foundation.

ASHIC Project Volunteer

If you cannot commit to a regular weekly schedule but would like to make an impact on the different projects being run by ASHIC, you could choose to become a project volunteer and help improve program design and implementation.  For some of our projects, you can also choose to spend time with the children and bring some joy in their lives for an afternoon.  To schedule a time where we can discuss your options, please contact the ASHIC office or send an email to info@ashic.org.


For Children by Children Fundraising Drive

In the FCBC Fundraising Drive, we are pleased to offer students of Class VIII onwards an opportunity to participate in the program, with each drive running for a quarter (3 months).  It will help the students to get real-life experience in community service as well as encouraging them to be creative about designing projects.  Students can participate at a small cost of BDT 100/- (One Hundred) and we will provide:

  • Registration Form
  • ASHIC Brochure
  • ASHIC Leaflets
  • ASHIC Pledge Forms

After the end of the quarterly drive,  we will host an Appreciation Ceremony for the students who have successfully completed the Drive and handed over all the collected  funds. They will receive a Certificate of Recognition.  Based on the levels of funds raised, the students can also earn different levels of donor status as outlined below:

  • Gold Donor: BDT 75,001 – BDT1,00,000
  • Silver Donor:  BDT 50,001 – BDT 75,000
  • Bronze Donor:  BDT 30,001 – BDT 50,000
  • Star Donor: BDT 10,000 – BDT 30,000

Gold, Silver and Bronze donors will also receive special mention on the ASHIC website.  Students who participate for 3 consecutive years will become a part of the ASHIC Foundation family and they will be inducted into the ASHIC Young Donors’ Circle.

If your school is not a part of this program already, and you would like for it to, please provide us with appropriate contact so that we can help to implement it.